Cadillac will equip its cars with diesel engines

May 7, 2015 at 5:27 pm

American carmaker Cadillac will soon begin to equip the new cars with four- and six-cylinder diesel engines. The Company is obliged to do that because of the stricter environmental regulations. This information is announced by the popular foreign publication, which refers to the words of Dave Leone, the brand chief engineer.

Cadillac Company will install diesel engines  in its cars

Cadillac Company will install diesel engines in its cars

The performance details of future power trains, unfortunately, are not reported. Also, it remains unknown which models will get new diesel engines. What is known is that first of all diesel engines will be installed to the vehicles designed for the European automotive market, but also to some versions designated for the United States. Cadillac representatives say that they are developing four and six-cylinder engines. It will be tuned to suit the vehicles they will be installed in.

Cadillac logo pic

Cadillac logo pic

Also it is noted that next year all the Cadillac cars will have the Start / Stop system, and after a while the American experts will develop a brand new 3-cylinder power plant demonstrating great efficiency and emission standards.