Cadillac CT6 will be equipped by an upgraded self-driving system

April 14, 2017 at 7:49 am

The Super Cruise system firstly developed in 2012 will be available for Cadillac CT6 models of 2018 year. In particular, this is about the hands-free driving option that is activated by a bottom located on the steering wheel. An upgraded car will be launched on Canada and US markets.

Cadillac CT6 equipped by hands-free driving option photo

Cadillac CT6 equipped by hands-free driving option photo


The system let driving without touching the wheel, but the developers emphasize: it is necessary to look at the road anyway. The car is responsible for distributing the driver's attention. A small IR camera on the steering column will equip the new CT6 so that it does not need to hold the steering at the driving on the highway. If the driver does not look forward for a long time, Super Cruise warns him with light signals on the rim, the vibration of the Safety Alert Seats and, finally, with the sound. The data will be seen on the display picture If to compare with already known the lane departure warning system, Super Cruise uses a set of cameras, radars and extended cartographic data. These innovations assist the car in turning corners and downs as well as allow predetermining the suitable tracks for self-driving movement. The Information about the device operation can be seen on the display.